Man who allegedly helped Police in Delta discover explosive cevice calls for protection of life


Inspector General of Police, Mr. Alkali Baba Usman


An indigene of Delta State, Mr. Major Obinobe, has appealed to the Inspector General of Police, Mr. Alkali Baba Usman, the State Governor, Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa, and the Delta State Commissioner of Police, to help protect and save his life from yet to be known assailants, who have allegedly been trailing him for some weeks.
Mr. Obinobe who ran away from Asaba Delta State to where he resides with his family, following alleged persistent loitering of some stern looking persons around his house and where he parks his car on the street of the avenue he lives, addressed journalist in Nnewi where he is currently taking shelter to save his life.
He alleged that his trouble started after he alerted security agents in Asaba with information that led to the bursting of the explosive device that would have killed many people, which was allegedly found behind the newly built Delta State Secretariat, by Mariam Babangida axis, Asaba.
According to Mr. Obinobe, “since after passing the information to the security agents, I been experiencing a strange vehicle trailing my car hence i parked and hide it from where it will not be seen and used by me and my family.
“My family are aware of this strange black Toyota car trailing my car and this has brought anxiety and danger to my life, and consequently i decided to be taking alternative road to be entering and exiting my house.
“The last threat that made me to leave Asaba, was on Sunday morning, when I observed the presence of two strange persons in our Close, apparently waiting for me to come out from the compound and go Church.
“However, on noticing them from the Upstairs I decided not to go to Church or step out of my house that Sunday, and they waited for hours before they left disappointedly.
“All I know about this situation is that I gave my statement to the Investigation Police Officer, IPO, after passing the information to them, who also took my car registration number. And I have called him to inform the Police Superintendent about my ordeal and that am going to make it public for fear of my life.”
Narrating what led his information to the Police that allegedly helped in bursting the explosive device, Mr. Obinobe, said, “I am Mr. Major Obinobe, who alerted the security agency with information that led to the bursting of the explosive device that was found behind the state newly built Secretariat by Mariam Babangida axis.
“Sometime in May last Month, specifically the night Chelsea and Real Madrid played Champions League qualifying match, I was returning from a viewing center after the match and saw someone standing on top of the fence behind the newly built Delta State  Secretariat building.
“Approaching closer while still driving, I saw a parked tricycle having cotton on it and being in a dark environment due to power black out, I felt something strange and quickly remember the police call for, “if you see something, say something.”
“At this, I quickly turned back and decide to run to the police Headquarters, since it is close to the Secretariat. But on my way, I ran into  Police Check Point and reported the incident to the Police men on duty.
“Initially the Police men were reluctant to go, but I volunteered to take them to the place with my Jeep and we all went there and the Police discovered some strange objects that had a written words detonate. I eventually took them back to the check point.
“They however thanked me and when I wanted to leave, they asked me to give them my phone number that their boss will like to thank me because I have saved them from embarrassment, and I obliged them with my phone number and left and I later got a text message from the Police that night that the objects were confirmed to be explosives. 
“Few days after the incident the Police from State Headquarters called me to come and meet with their boss, I went and they told me to make statement on the incident and I did.
“After a week later, I start experiencing this strange car trailing my car and now seeing two strange person in my Close Avenue hanging from 6.30am to 8am, and I refused to go out for fear of my life and I have been wondering if I did anything wrong.
“I am therefore, appealing once again to the IGP, the State Governor and the State Commissioner of Police to come to my rescue because my life is under serious threat.
“I equally appeal to the Department of State Services, DSS, the State Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, the Nigerian Bar Association and Human Right Organisation to come to my help because nobody knows who would have been the victim of the explosive device if it was not discovered by the Police and was allowed to explode,” Mr. Obinobe stressed.

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