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NASRDA predicts astronomical lunar crescent June 14

The Centre for Basic Space Science of the National Space Research and Development Agency (CBSS-NASRDA) had predicted that the Astronomical Lunar Crescent would be sighted on June 14.
Dr Felix Ale, Director Media and Corporate Communications said this in a statement he signed on Tuesday in Abuja.
“NASRDA through its Centre for Basic Space Science has successfully calculated and predicted that the appearance of an astronomical lunar crescent will be sighted on June 14.
“The conjunction of the moon will first occur on Wednesday June 13 by 8:43pm, but will appear in Nigeria on Thursday June 14 at about 2:43pm, that is 18 hours after its conjunction.”
According to him, the moon can only be sighted with the naked eyes given a clear sky without any obstruction.
He, however, said that the tiny lunar crescent could be sighted with the aid of Charged Couple Device (CCD) and astronomical telescope or any other advanced astronomical instrument.
“The young lunar crescent will only be seen with an unaided eye on Thursday June 14 between 6:53 pm and 7:57 pm after sun set.
” Yola will be the first to witness the young lunar crescent from about 6:53 pm to 7:21 pm, followed by Maiduguri from 6:55 pm to 7:23 pm.
“Kebbi will witness the lunar crescent last by 7:32 pm and 8:00 pm and Sokoto between 7:29 pm and 7:57 pm. It will be seen in Lagos and Ogun between 7:26 pm and 7:56 pm concurrently.
“The Lunar crescent will be seen in Abuja between 7:16 pm and set at about 7:45 pm.
“Kano will experience the appearance of the first lunar crescent between 6:51 pm and 7:42 pm with sunset and moonset occurring at about 6:51 pm and 7:42 pm respectively,” he said.
He further said that Katsina would witness the lunar crescent appearance between 7:19 pm and 7:47 pm, while Jos and Enugu will both experience the first lunar crescent between the hours of 7:08 pm and 7:37 pm.
Ale said the sunset and moonset in Jos would occur at 6:46 pm and 7:37 pm respectively, and in Enugu at 6:45 pm and 7:37 pm respectively, while Kaduna would experience the lunar crescent between 7:16 pm and 7:44 pm.
Dr Bonaventure Okere, the Acting Director of CBSS told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that Astronomical Lunar Crescent is the new part of the moon that usually appeared at this time of the year.
Okere said that the sighting of the Lunar Crescent was significant to both Christians and Muslims.
He, however, said it was more significant to the Muslims because it helped calculate the beginning and the ending of Ramadan fast.
Ale added that the results of the Lunar Crescent sighting were available at NASRDA for the general public and those who required it for religious and academic purposes.(NAN)

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