Nigeria Bishop’s wife urges wives to get back to traditional ways of preparing local foods



The wife of Methodist Bishop, Deaconess Comfort Onuagha says it will be wise for Methodist women to go back to the old ways of preparing traditional foods.
Deaconess Onuagha condemned the current craving for junk foods such as noodles, and the use of some modern imported spices.
“During the days of my mother, she used to cook foods like anyu, odudu, akidi, ukwa, ona, nte, abuzu and aku to mention but a few of them.”
She said that during that time, some of the prevailing sicknesses like diabetes, kidney diseases, stomach upset, and their likes were rare.
“In fact, our mothers did not experience various types of surgical operations which are prevalent today such as Caesarian section during childbirth,” Deaconess Onuagha noted.
The wife of the Clergy urged the women to start cooking some of these foods for their children. This will boost their health generally and their brains in particular.
Bishop Onuagha who was present during the occasion also advised the women to engage in “divine kitchen” to help their husbands to live longer for them.
She urged them to abstain from the use of too much Maggi seasoning and others of such imported condiments in preparing dishes; he advised that they rather use ogiri, dawadawa, okpei and ehure in cooking to avoid strange sicknesses.
Mrs. Onuagha at the end of the occasion urged all mothers present to take the good news home to their friends so that the message of divine kitchen will spread.
As part of the event, all the circuits and sections in the Diocese of Onitsha, Anambra State engaged in a cooking competition using odudu to determine the winners. The Wesley section emerged as the winner.

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