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Our leaders are deafened by greed for power – Anglican Church leader

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Archbishop (Prof) Nneoyi Egbe, Archbishop of the Anglican Diocese Calabar

By Akpan David, Calabar

The head of Anglican Diocese of Calabar, Archbishop (Prof) Nneoyi Egbe has stated that most political leaders in Nigeria have been deafened by greed for power. 

He stated this at the climax of the church’s annual synod which brought together key leaders of the church from different segments to the Headquarters of the diocese in Calabar. 

He also insisted that the country can only thrive as a Federal State through federalism. 

“Over the years the calls for the practice of true Federalism have been very loud. It is very unfortunate that we have leaders who have become deafened by the greed for power, affluence and control that there is no desire nor moral will to allow the true aspirations of Nigerians to prosper. 

“If it will take restructuring to arrive at it, then we must be willing to make it happen. The encouraging thing in the Nigerian polity is that no true Nigerian wants to see the end of the great country.

“We appeal to those in power, to engineer the emergence of a truly Federal Republic of Nigeria,” the cleric said.

Speaking on Democracy, Egbe said that form of government can only be guaranteed in Nigeria if the electoral body, INEC, was allowed to be truly independent. 

He insisted that there must be an acceptable way to appoint the Chairman of INEC, advising that it must be a process devoid of any political connections and linkages. 

He recalled that there were efforts by one regime to use a pool of traditional rulers to devise a way to come appoint one but was sad that such failed. 

When asked if Democracy has been a blessing to the ordinary Nigerian or a curse, the Anhlican leader retorted that “There is no democracy in Nigeria. We have civilians in government, but it is definitely not a democracy but a Kleptocracy, a government of “Snatch it, grab it and run with it!

Egbe also touched on fuel subsidy and corruption, saying nigerians have been prepared foe the removal.

“While we commend subsidy removal, we are very opposed to the lack of adequate preparation for the action. And coming on its wake, is the increase in electricity tariff. Again, what has the government put in place to ameliorate the pains borne by Nigerians? I heard someone saying recently that the suffering is for a while, and Nigerians will soon enjoy! That was what they said when SAP was introduced. And for every one of similar decisions of government, the Nigerian masses have borne the brunt thereof. 

“See, I have come to the conclusion that the people that rule us do not take decisions for the good of the nation and her people, but for their own interest,” Archbishop Egbe said.

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