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Oyo SWAN: Sirawoo has gone mad again


By Olajide Fashikun

*Who is shaking his pot?

I read somewhere that Honour Sirawoo, who used to be the President of the Sports Writers Association of Nigeria (SWAN) before he transmuted to be President of SWAN Inc (SWANI) said his band of non-journalists called National Executive Committee (NEC) have suspended the Executive Committee of SWAN and replaced with a caretaker committee.
I am still laughing in Ekiti dialect. Who shook Sirawoo’s pot again? When he came in initially, that was how the pot was so stirred that he took on Mitchell Obi that the latter is not a journalist. They have gone to stir the pot again.
If you have read the book, “Our husband has gone mad again” by Prof Ola Rotimi, you will understand where I got my title today: “Sirawoo has gone mad again.”
Let me tackle the issues as they occur to my small head.

  • It is a trite principle in law that what you cannot give, you cannot take. First of all, did Sirawoo or his so-called bandits (NEC) elected or selected the Adeniyi Alebiosu Oyo SWAN Executive Committee? That is why the Constitution gave ONLY the Congress of sack. It is not in him nor in the NEC;
  • Since the Oyo SWAN were popularly elected into office for a tenure by the Congress then it is ONLY that Congress that can sack them anytime. The procedures are clear. In that election, did Sirawoo know that Constitutionally, he was an observer? By that provision of the SWAN Statute, neither him nor the SWAN NEC he ignorantly referred to to have derived that power to suspend an Executive Council, cannot, does not and shall not subscribe such powers.
  • Three, is Sirawoo aware that since the day he had illegally registered SWAN under the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) was the day he ceased to be SWAN President. The law is very clear about that. We need to know under which of the SWAN bodies he was operating to sack the Oyo SWAN Executive Committee. The one where he was elected and is an affiliate of the NUJ? Or the private SWAN where he made all SWAN members in Nigeria his property?
  • I also quickly think that we need to wake Emperor Sirawoo that this is not a fiefdom. This is not military administration. This is a democracy. He may need to consult lawyers to help him define his powers and limitations under the Statute that he was elected in relation to constituent state chapters.
  • The lawyers need to give him understanding of the NUJ constitution. They should also make understand that there is no provision for caretaker setting in the NUJ nor in any of its affiliates. However, assuming without agreeing, if the SWAN statute had erroneously created such, it is known that where there is any form of inconsistency, that inconsistency shall subside in the face of the NUJ Constitution. Please consult your lawyers to advise you well.

In view of the foregoing constitutional issues, I will appreciate the depth and knowledge of the laws guiding our relationship (individual to individual, individual to state chapter, between chapters, between chapters and national body etc).
I will also advice the new NUJ President, Chris Isiguzo, to urgently respond to petitions against Sirawoo QUICKLY lest he will within another one week find out injunctions will start to fly to restrain Sirawoo and his group of bandits he calls NEC from parading themselves as such.
As soon as Sirawoo’s so called caretaker committee nears the Oyo jurisdiction, we would have been sufficiently nibbled to act under provocation, what best options we then employ to deal with the situation will be justified.
I hope Sirawoo and his ilks (they are not journalists) will not want to dance naked in the centre of the market. See you at the otherside. (Gongnews.net)

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