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Senator Ibrahim: Funding more important than state police

Senator Ibrahim
What the Nigeria police system needed is better funding, the Chairman, Senate Committee on Police Affairs, Senator Abu Ibrahim, has said.
According to him, funding the national system is better than clamour for state police where financial resources will be a serious problem.
Senator Ibrahim representing Katsina South Senatorial District told Apex News that in a situation where N300billion is required annually and only N20billion is released in bits is a concern for the federal police system and states will less funds cannot shoulder a police system.
He however said the bill for the state police might not receive the required votes in the parliament as most governors are in disagreement with their legislators.
“I know many Senators and Members of the House of Representatives are in bad relationships with the governors, they think they can trample over them, so this may kill that particular bill,” he said.
He however said probably the bulk of Senators from the south will go for it because their relationship between the senators has not gone bad.
According to him, there may be senators from nine states who may vote for State Police but nine out of 36 states and FCT will not get the required two-thirds from the National Assembly.
The Senator who is the Chairman, Board of Trustees (BoT) of Buhari Support Groups also spoke about the crisis in APC leading to the splitter Reformed All Progressives Congress (APC) explaining members that left were demanding for too much.
“I know the party has been trying to sort out issues, but there are cases where demands are impossible, the best way in that situation is to concede and allow people to go,” he said.
According to him, though their departure is painful as no party will want to lose members, the APC have to work harder to ensure that the losses are gained back through other areas.

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