Senator Ndoma-Egba visits own burnt mansion, says ‘I’ve forgiven the arsonists but…’


Senator Ndoma-Egba

By Akpan David, Calabar

A former Senate leader in the National Assembly, Senator Victor Ndoma-Egba whose palatial residence in Calabar was completely razed during last year’s ENDSARS protest has said that he has forgiven those behind the arson but that the law should take its course.

Speaking over the weekend when he summoned courage to visit the site of what used to be his home and centre of political meetings, Ndoma-Egba said: “I have forgiven the people that attacked and burnt my house. But my forgiveness is without prejudice to the law taking its course because I cannot influence the course of the law. For me as a person, I have forgiven them.

“I hope what they did here benefits them. It it doesn’t benefit them in any way then it was a total waste of effort and energy.”

Becoming emotional, the respected Senator listed that what he lost in the burnt house is priceless.

He said there are collections that predate him. “There were books in my library that were my father’s practice book for instance. All such rare collections, are all gone. Memorabilia that were passed from one generation to another gone”.

He expressed sadness that “we have people of a mind set to carry out this kind of very extensive damage to another person’s property. As you can see, they came very prepared with all sorts of craftsmen…It couldn’t have been spontaneous, it was something very deliberate, something predetermined.”

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