Staff petitions management of Engineering Materials Development Institute over victimization


A senior staff of Management of Engineering Materials Development Institute (EMDI) Akure, Ondo State Engr. Oluboyede Smart Adeleye has petitioned the organization to the National Assembly over lack of promotion, which he alleged that he is eminently qualified, having conducted research, published articles and defended his Doctoral thesis

According to the petition signed by the petitioner and made available to Apex News Exclusive, Oluboyode alleged that his undoing was that he failed to compromised: “when I was to be invited for the promotion examination in 2018,as is the practice after I had already submitted my PhD, no invitation was forwarded to me under the pretence that promotion usually takes place in January of each year while at the same time the examination was conducted in October 2019 where I was tactically sidelined”.

He added that in 2019 when the examination was statutorily supposed to be conducted and a brief sent to him, the institute deliberately failed to do so. Accordingly, he was compelled to write so as to know his promotion status without any feedback sent to him.

He stated that as far back as 2017 when he was yet to get his Doctoral and as is the practice, a brief was supposed to be forwarded to him stating his suitability for promotion or otherwise but this was not done, there by leaving him with no option than to petition the Management of EMDI.

When the issue came out for hearing by the Senate Committee on Ethics and Public Petition, members were unanimous in condemning the abuse of processed laid down in addressing such issue for they failed to honour the invitation by the Committee and instead has set up a disciplinary Committee to handle the issue as sensitive as victimization of a staff and therefore called for the disbandment of the Committee forthwith.

With the foregoing, Engineer Oluboyede looks forward to the timely implementation of the 2019 promotion which he is duly qualified.

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