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Terrorism: Local NGOs working with Amnesty International to destroy Nigeria – SHAC

The Save Humanity Advocacy Centre (SHAC) has expressed disappointment with the manner some indigenous NGOs work with the Amnesty International with the sole aim of creating tension and unrest in Nigeria.

The group specifically frowned at the eagerness with which some indigenous groups endorsed a recent report published by Amnesty International about the crises between herdsmen and farmers in the country.

Adams Odoh, Executive Director of SHAC said it was so sad that some local NGOs did not read in between the line before rushing out to endorse the documentary, which many had described as watery and unfounded. 

According to Odoh, “Some persons with knowledge of Amnesty International’s strategy in other countries will tell their collaborators in Nigeria the truth, and they will do so for free. The whole friendliness and invites to estacode paying conferences will dry up once this criminal organization is allowed to destroy the country; none of the prospective proposals used for recruiting the local NGOs for its infamous cause will translate into visas or resident permits when the blow back of Amnesty International’s dangerous agenda hits us all.”

SHAC, therefore, called on all indigenous NGOs in the country to desist from colluding with Amnesty International in the name of foreign grants that are actually meant to promote neo-colonial agenda in the country.

Odoh, while addressing the media on Thursday, said, “We want to make it categorically clear that only the enemies of Nigeria collaborate with Amnesty international. So anyone that partners with Amnesty International towards the realization of its destructive goals in Nigeria is an enemy of the country and must be treated as one. They would be named and shamed as those abusing the sacredness of NGO work to promote terrorism, which implies that like Amnesty International, they have blood on their hands.

“In a similar vein, we urge all self-respecting NGOs to begin drafting contingent plans for isolating Amnesty International from their folds. This will include turning down invitations to events organized by or being attended by Amnesty International, declining comments or inputs in documents being complied by the international NGO, not extending invitations to the NGO and flagging cases of falsification and lies told by the organization.

“The only way to not have blood dripping from one’s hands like Amnesty International is to distance oneself from the organization irrespective of what is on offer. We urge Nigerians and local NGOs to not be part of the problem. Don’t be part of the problem. Attempt to ride the shirttail of Amnesty International to greatness and ride it to hell.”

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