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The Bwacha I know


Senator Emmanuel Bwacha

By Chuwang Dungs

Last week I read a report captioned: “APC Postpones Taraba Governorship Rally As Embezzlement Of N200million Campaign Funds Rocks Leadership.” In the report Senator Emmanuel Bwacha, the Senator representing Taraba South and the All Progressives Congress (APC) gubernatorial flag bearer in the state, was “alleged to have been working behind the Minister of Transportation, Muazu Maji Sambo, who is also the state coordinator for the Tinubu/Shettima Campaign Council, to allegedly hijack the funds meant for the presidential rally.”

When I read the report I simply smiled, knowing who Bwacha is, and I was convinced it was the hand work of mischief makers. After disecting the story, I then imagine, why will a reasonable politician hijack funds meant for a rally that is suppose to champion his own aspiration.The Devil indeed has dirty jobs for empty minds and vagabonds.

Well in political season like this, there are professional idle palace rousers who are more interested in gossips, blackmail, sycophancy and adulation particularly when dealing with perceived rivals, and this category cannot add value to governance but only being use as attack dogs by their paymasters.

There are also verifiable evidence that some politicians have infiltrated the press with lies and ill conceived stories with a view to promote hate, sharp divide, contempt and blackmail against Bwacha and the APC.

Though I am not from Taraba, but having worked in the state for over a decade as a reporter and also as an official of the Nigerian Union of Journalists, (NUJ), at least I can write about most of the political actors in the state, including Bwacha, who I happened to be very close to. Apart from relating with him at professional level we have related at personal level discussing spiritual issues.

I recalled during one of my visits to him in Abuja, I attended a crusade and a medical outreach he organised in an outskirt of the capital city, where he spoke about holiness in serving God. His humility, the message and the books he gave me has no doubt impacted my spiritual life. Sir I will forever remain grateful.

Bwacha, a Commandant of the Order of Niger (CON), is a radical politician, a trained lawyer, a pastor, a patriot of Chamba extraction, who is without doubt, one of the most remarkable politicians of this generation and a voice of reason in the politics of Taraba and Nigeria at large.

Bwacha has been active in politics since the creation of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) and the National Republican Convention (NRC) in 1989 by the regime of Ibrahim Babangida. He was also one of the founding members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

In 1999 he won election to represent Donga constituency at the state Assembly, but in 2000, because of his dedication and party loyalty he was appointed as commissioner of agriculture by the Jolly Nyame’s administration, due to his good human relationship and political exploit he became a key player of the cabinet, and a mentee and political disciple of Nyame.

This became the defining moment of his life, in 2003, he was elected as member of House of representative for Takum, Donga and Ussa federal constituency a position he held till 2007.

Although he contested for the prestigious seat of the senate in 2007 but lost out, he never gave up, he maintained a strong relationship with his political allies and supporters within and outside his constituency, no doubt his efforts yielded result in 2011 when he won the senate seat, a position he is holding till date.

During the travails of the Late governor Danbaba Suntai, Bwacha played an active role to ensure political stability in the state. He was accused for his political beliefs, but he remained firm to his position. His commitment to ideas rather than opportunism, make him courageous even in the face of threats and intimidation.

Bwacha has been one of the most vocal, most unrelenting apostles of good governance in Taraba state, who is always bold to challenge the power that be without fear or favour.

In various interviews, Senator Bwacha is on record as criticized various administrations, in the state, including the present administration led by Governor Darius Dickson, which he was instrumental to its formation. This is in confirmation of his hatred for bad leadership.

As a founding member of the PDP, Bwacha has been consistent in demanding for good governance. It was as a result of his moral position that he is being tagged as a “villain” by the Darius administration.

He is a delight of Journalists as he is always bold and ready in expressing his views on issues. He is intellectually gifted and confident enough to engage in any conversation on politics and other socio-economic issues. Like him or hate him, you can’t intimidate him intellectually.

In his entre political career, he has always argued for a better Taraba. It was because of these values and principles, in particular patriotic ideas about the common good of Taraba, that he decided to leave the PDP to join force with other Progressives to salvage the state.

What he and his associates want is nothing but a better Taraba and they have demonstrated a capacity and a willingness to work with other Tarabians who share the same progressive ideas irrespective of religious, ethnic or political affiliations.

When he was defecting to APC from PDP, some people thought it was a selfish move. But the smart Senator saw the big picture and knew that the APC is the best and better platform for the people of Taraba to be liberated from bad leadership of the present administration in the state.

Interestingly he did not moved to the APC alone, he moved with a serving national Assembly member, many state Assembly members and some officials of the PDP at various levels across the state, a development that proved him to be a big asset to the party. No wonder he was able to secure the party gubernatorial ticket. And since he got the ticket, top politicians and technocrats started joining APC in the state.

With his experience, capacity political and spiritual connection Bwacha no doubt has so much to give Tarabians.

Lest you get me twisted, I am not claiming that Bwacha is a saint, but the good news about him is, his honesty, his commitment to the tradition of good leadership, his loyalty and ability to go on record for his beliefs and convictions would be respected always. Most certainly, for his special service as someone who selflessly wants the very best for his own people.

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