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The day Takum stood still for Taraba SDP governorship candidate, Hon. Baido


Section of crowd that welcomed Hon. Baido to Takum at a private residence

By Anthony Maliki

What was supposed to be a solemn visit to Takum in the southern part of Taraba State by the governorship candidate of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) in the state, Hon. Danladi Baido turned out to be a massive clear positive forecast towards the March 11, 2023 gubernatorial election victory for him.
Hon. Baido had quietly entered Takum on Friday, January 27, 2023 solely to pay respect to an elder statesman, a former Majority Leader of the defunct Gongola State House of Assembly, late Hon. Chief Danjuma Stephen Nyapuri who was to be buried that day.
He went straight to the funeral service at RCCN Church, Ikan in Takum thinking that he won’t be noticed. But a gold fish has no hiding place. Immediately after the funeral service, hordes of SDP supporters surrounded him and followed him in a convoy, with Takum on standstill, to a private residence of a friend and forced him to address them. The place turned out to a massive political meeting.
His plea that he was in Takum to pay respect to the late elder statesman fell on deaf ears. Many of them say they have been waiting for him for a long time and won’t allow him to just go.
In fact, apart from speaking to the general party supporters, Hon. Baido spoke to about nine groups in from the town and those from across the local government area associated with the party and some others wanting to openly join the campaign for his candidature.
These sessions lasted from about 5pm on Friday to about 1.20am on Saturday. Besides, about four other groups came in at about 10am and he equally spoke to them.
In his general introductory speech, Hon. Baido spoke of the need for peaceful coexistence among the various ethnic groupings in the local government for development to take place. According to him, one of his cardinal programmes for the people of Takum is tackle insecurity so that people can safely go to their farms and earn a living.

Hon. Baido speaks to supporters and groups in Takum

He also promised that when in government, what is due to each ethnic group will be given to them.
Hon. Baido cautioned youths against any form of violence as elections approaches and not to destroy any poster or banner belonging to other political parties. He also pledged to establish two skills acquisition centres in Takum I and Takum II to engage youths that might be idle noting that if 100 youths get skills in at least six months intervals, it would go a long way.

Before leaving for Jalingo, the state capital on Saturday afternoon, Hon. Baido formally condoled the widow of Chief Nyapuri, Mrs. Florence Nyapuri at their residence in Takum.
He later called a former member of the defunct Gongola State House of Assembly, Alhaji Umaru Mairiga where he received the blessings of the elder statesman.
Alhaji Maigari explained that during their time as politicians what was utmost of their minds was getting development for the people.
He also pointed out that it is not someone from the same religion or ethnicity that will bring development to an area but someone with the people at heart.
Alhaji Maigari recalled his cordial working relationship Hon. Baido during the administration of Rev. Jolly Nyame noting that it was progressive and beneficial to the people.
Hon. Baido proceeded to visit one of his strong members, Sister Lydia Bala who had been ill and encouraged to have faith of being healed by the grace of God.
Hon. Baido then paid a courtesy call on the Tsohon-Takum, Uhwe Ephraim B. Ashumanu and congratulated on his enthronement.
The Tsohon-Takum said he pray for peace so that development and progress shall reign in the domain.
Hon. Baido and his team then paid a courtesy call to the Holy Family Catholic Church Parish where he informed them that his visit was mainly to checked on them because he was in Takum and won’t be civilize to return without seeing them.
He told them that he would forward a formal letter of invitation to them and others during campaign proper for a Town Hall meeting where they can ask him all the questions about his programmes and how he intends to govern Taraba State.
The SDP candidate also pointed the state is a goldmine whose resources can be used to transform it but some politicians are only interested in what they can get for themselves.
The Parish Priest, Rev, Fr. George Dogo said people are interested in who will fulfil the dream of Taraba State by working to acquire it not whetting tribal and religious sentiments.
According to him, the issue of ‘big’ party is over but people are looking at the character of candidates who can deliver more.
Hon. Baido’s visit to Takum, even though not for campaigns yet, shows a clear signal of his chances of winning the local government area in the March 11, 2023 governorship election. One can see the genuine love for him both from the streets and those he visited. In fact, the few hours he spent in Takum turned the town into a carnival. The victory is strong.

Maliki is the Special Assistant on Media to SDP Taraba State governorship candidate, Hon. Danladi Baido

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