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Volunteers in Onitsha commended for mobilizing pregnant women access healthcare

By Sunny A. Ijomah
UNICEF Desk Officer, Ministry of Information and Public Enlightenment, Anambra State, Mrs. Chineze George-Ileka, has commended Volunteers Community Mobilisers (VCMs) at Onitsha North for adequate mobilisation of pregnant women in accessing healthcare facilities.
Mrs. George-Ileka made the commendation during the appraisal meeting with the VCMs at Onitsha North Local Government Area.
She noted that the meeting had helped to ascertain the level of progress as well as the challenges that the VCMs faced while executing their duties at their different health centres.
Mrs. George-Ileka, however, advised the VCMS not to be self-centered, while doing their jobs in order to save lives, stressing the importance of educating pregnant women on the need for antenatal and postnatal checkups.
She advised the volunteers not react rudely to pregnant mothers to avoid scaring them away and commended UNICEF for its efforts in reducing the high mortality rate among pregnant women in the community.
A HIV specialist from UNICEF Enugu, Dr Olufemi Adeyemi, commended the volunteers for their humanitarian services to pregnant women and children.
He urged the mobilisers to forward a list of their needs and challenges to the Presidents-General of their communities and urged nurses and caregivers to be proactive in the discharge of their duties.
Anambra State Health Officer, Mrs. Scholastica Okoli, urged the VCMs to always educate people to continue the fight against HIV/AIDS, as it was a deadly disease.
She said the way they approach people will determine how they will respond to them.

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