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Youths urged to unite, commit to peace, unity, advancement of Nigeria


By Akanji Alowoludo, Bauchi

Nigerian youths have been urged to unite in a resolute commitment towards peace, stability, and the advancement of the beloved nation. 

The call was made by the Director General, National Commission Against Proliferation of Arms, Light Waepons and Pipeline Vandalization, Otunba Dr. Adejare Rewane Adegbenro in celebration of the 2023 International Youths Day celebrations.

The 2023 celebration has as theme: “Green Skills for Youth: Towards a Sustainable World,” emphasizing the pivotal role youths play in shaping a brighter, greener, and secured future for all.

Addressing the press as contained in the text made available to journalists, he stressed the need to curtail the use of light weapons that perpetuate violence and threaten the society’s fabric. 

The Director General emphasized the importance of rejecting such destructive paths saying, “We implore the Youths to channel their energy and determination towards constructive avenues, focusing on acquiring skills that lead to a sustainable future.” 

The “Green Skills for Youth” initiative envisions a Nigeria where the exuberance and creativity of the young minds drive positive change. 

According to him, it will be done, “By embracing sustainable practices, renewable technologies, and environmentally-conscious endeavors, our youth can spearhead the transformation to a more ecologically balanced world.” 

Adejare Rewane Adegbenro encouraged youths organizations, educational institutions, and communities to collaborate closely in promoting these ideals. 

He said that, “Together, we can empower our youths with the tools and knowledge needed to foster peace, stability, and environmental harmony. By nurturing “Green Skills,” we sow the seeds of a sustainable future and ensure that generations to come inherit a thriving, resilient Nigeria.”

“As we mark this International Youth Day, let us reflect on the power that lies within each young Nigerian to effect profound and lasting change. The National Commission Against Proliferation of Arms, Light Weapons, and Pipeline Vandalism remains steadfast in its commitment to support and guide our youth towards the path of peace, sustainability, and progress,”, he stressed.

The DG added that, “While we remain committed to ensuring the security and stability of Nigeria by combating the spread of arms, light weapons, and pipeline vandalism, the Commission actively engages in initiatives that promote peace, security, and sustainable development in collaboration.”

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