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5-year-old-boy survives 3-storey building fall in Onitsha

Building for illustration purposes only
By Sunny A. David, Onitsha
A five year old boy had at No: 68, Bida Road, Onitsha, Anambra State, fell from a three-storey building while trying to retire a dust pan he was holding.
According to sources, the boy was holding the pan at the balcony of their apartment when the pan fell off his hand.
Looking down to see what happened to the pan, he lost grip of the parapet in the balcony and fell off onto the soak-away pit slab, broke his left leg and fell into coma.
He was also said to have defecated in his coma state, a development that made people around think it was all over for him until a few minutes later when he regained consciousness.
After regaining consciousness he was rushed to an undisclosed hospital where he was said to have been placed on danger list.
Sympathisers who came to the scene of the incident praised God for sparing the life of the boy.
Meanwhile grandmother to the minor told our correspondent that the boy had been taken to the church for thanksgiving. She said God had saved her grandchild from the wicked hand of the devil pointing out that his survival was miraculous.
Those who witnessed the incident said that the boy would live long, having survived such fall.

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