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Barrister Ibrahim Hassan Hadeja: A man of impeccable character

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Senator Barrister Ibrahim Hassan Hadejia, Deputy Chief of Staff to the President

By Shu’ayb Mustapha Kano

His Excellency Senator Barrister Ibrahim Hassan Hadejia and the Deputy Chief of Staff to President Bola Tinubu is without any iota of doubt a man who does not mince his words even if it kills him so long as that particular thing he is sticking to is of benefit to the downtrodden people not minding where they come from.

In his mental and political dictionary the word tribalism is conspicuously absent. Sen. Hadejia is such a helluva nice gentleman who matches his words with actions because if he makes any promise he finds it duty bound to fulfil it. Had it been the governing APC has three political juggernauts as hardworking and neck-deep committed to the APC project as Senator Ibrahim Hassan Hadejia in the North-West geopolitical zone, the opposition parties in the zone would have silently been strangulated to death in owing to his ever-growing popularity in the North.

Senator Hadejia had had the opportunity of milking the public treasury dry as the former Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, Secretary to the Jigawa State Government and later Deputy Governor of Jigawa State, but the God-fearing and highly principled lawyer chose willingly not to misuse any of these opportunities given to him in quick succession by the almighty Allah to steal public fund and enrich himself as is still the tradition to so many highly placed politicians in Nigeria.

In fact, when the incorruptible Senator Ibrahim Hassan Hadejia was leaving office at the expiration of their tenure of office, he hadn’t upto Five million Naira in his single bank account when he was supposed to have billions of Naira stashed in it as many of his Deputy Governor colleagues did at that time.

He strongly believes that it is not your net worth that endears you to the masses or electorates but rather your honesty and how much concern one shows about that which directly or indirectly affects the life of the common man and that is what is still endearing senator Ibrahim Hassan to the people of Jigawa State and the entire people of the northern Nigeria.

If Senator Ibrahim Hassan promises you anything be rest assured he will do everything humanly possible to make sure that he stands by his word.

Hon. Kano, a public analyst, writes from Kano

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