Hot weather: Ice block, sachet water sellers make brisk business in Kano


File photo of a pure water dealer
Some iced block and sachet pure water sellers in Kano are making brisk business due to the current harsh weather in the state.
They told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Kano on Tuesday that they were making high sales since the commencement of the hot season over a month ago.
According to them,the current harsh weather has forced many youths to go into the business so as not to stay idle.
One of the iced block sellers, Mrs Susan Eze, at Ibo Road near the Sabon Gari Market said that the business was very profitable and it yields a lot of money for her.
”This season is a good one because during hot weather people drink a lot of cold water, soft drinks, kunu and zobo,” she said.
Eze said that she sold one iced block for between N40 and N50 depending on the size the customer preferred.
A dealer of the Royal Rock Pure Water at New Road, Mr Christopher Ugbondo, said that he has been doing the business for over eight years.
He said that he had three cold rooms which he used to sell bags of cold pure water but now he has six cold rooms for doing the business.
”I supply more than 500 bags to my customers and make profit of over N10,000 everyday,” he said.
Ogbondo further explained that the challenge he encounters in the business was leakage of the pure water sachet and power failure.
Yahaya Bello a soft drinks seller at Bata Area, said he sells two trucks of sachet pure water everyday and make profit of N5,000 a day.
”I go as far as Dawakin Dakata very early in the morning to get cold pure water to sell to my customers,” he said.
NAN observed that many youths including under aged children have also taken to the business as they were seen in companies, along the streets and traffic points in the city selling sachet pure water. (NAN)

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