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Taraba south stakeholders, youth leaders, others give SDP governorship candidate, Hon. Baido, 100% backing, take Wukari, Ibi by storm


By Samuel Torlumun

The governorship candidature of Hon. Danladi Baido of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) in Taraba State got further boost when stakeholders and youth leaders came out strongly in support of the candidate.
At a meeting that lasted for hours in Wukari on Wednesday, they agreed that Hon. Baido is the most credible to be Governor of the state now.
Those at the meeting where from across the wards in Ibi, Wukari and Donga local government areas of the state.
During the meeting, the stakeholders and youth leaders spoke of wide range acceptance of Hon. Baido who is popular known in political circles as Ubangayya.

Staunch SDP woman politician, Ruth Abuja speaks at the Ibi meeting

State SDP welfare officer, Yakubu Bawa Umar

They pointed out that the SDP candidate has impacted on the lives of the people of Taraba south since when he was the Commissioner for Local Government Affairs and later that of Finance.
Those from Ibi expressed dismay that the public water supply plant in the town has remained moribund since the administration of Rev. Jolly Nyame which Hon. Baido served in the executive council.
Those at the meeting were told to disregard the information making the rounds that Hon. Baido had withdrawn from the governorship race saying it is the handiwork of those scared of his victory.
The stakeholders and youth leaders promised not to betray Hon. Baido towards the elections as many politicians from other parties had approached them with financial inducement to abandoned him, but they refused.

SDP chairman in Ibi Local Government Area, Babataru Idris

Besides, they described as false that Hon. Baido had forfeited his governorship ambition for other candidates.
Feelers by Apex News Exclusive noted that the meeting was the trending political talk-of-the-town in Wukari as the Ubangayya team came in full force.
On Thursday, the Hon. Baido’s Ubangayya Team visited various areas in Ibi town where they met stakeholders, youths and women leaders and had fruitful deliberations.
At most of the places visited, large crowds followed the team promoting the need to vote Hon. Danladi Baido of the SDP.
The SDP chairman in Ibi Local Government Area, Babataru Idris and the State Welfare Officer, Yakubu Bawa Umar welcomed the team and promised them victory in Ibi local government area in the governorship and other elections.
Ubangayya Youth Leader in Ibi, Shuba Yusuf expressed dismay over the internationally-acclaimed Nwonyo Fishing Festival that no longer takes place.
He explained that all the facilities at the festival venue have been vandalized or stolen and the whole site in very bad shape.
At the site of the Sand and Gravel Workers Association, the Secretary, Yusuf Abdulmalik, who spoke on behalf of the chairman explained that Hon. Baido has 100% of their backing because of the good works he had done for the area in the past.
He pointed out that Hon. Baido is not known to harbour any religious or ethnic sentiment in all his dealings with people.
Anthony Maliki, the Special Assistant on Media to Hon. Danladi Baido, was part of the Ubangayya Team.
Other stakeholders and youth leaders from Takum and Ussa would meet with Hon. Baido’s Ubangayya team soon.

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